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Top 10 Most Expensive Football Squads in the World Right now

Most expensive football team in the world

Manchester City invested a record value of €853 million in transfer fees to assemble its current squad. This value is €850 million for Paris St-Germain and €784 million for previous record holder Manchester United.

Manchester City’s total transfer fee expenditure to make up its squad went up by €242m compared to September 2016. The increase was even stronger for Paris St-Germain: +€395m (including the €180m investment for Mbappé). The figure for Manchester United is “only” €66m higher than one year ago, while that of Champions League winners Real Madrid went down by €138m.

The six biggest English teams are in the top ten positions of the rankings. The aggregated values per league are €5.7bn for the Premier League (on average €287m per team, +28% compared to previous year), €2.4bn for the Serie A (€122m per team, +26%), €2.2bn for the Liga (€110m per team, +9%), as well as €1.9bn for the Bundesliga (€107m per team, +19%) and the Ligue 1 (€93m per team, +78%).


Cost of current squads:

1. Man City £775m
2. PSG £772M
3. Man Utd £712m
4. Chelsea £585m
5. Barcelona £571m
6. Real Madrid £452m
7. Juventus £427m
8. Liverpool £397m
9. Arsenal £378m
10. Tottenham £328m


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