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Nigeria tops the list of bleaching cream importer


The quest for beauty has surely never been more apparent than with the realisation that the skin whitening product industry is worth an estimated $3 billion worldwide. The World Health Organisation (WHO) claims Nigeria has the highest number of women using skin lightening products, a staggering 77 percent.

According to WHO, 59 percent of women in Togo are trying to lighten their skin and 27 percent in Senegal. In many parts of Africa, lighter-skinned women are considered more beautiful and are believed to be more successful and likely to find marriage.

The products are also popular in countries such as Liberia, South Africa, Sudan, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan, Brazil, the US, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Uganda.

What could be the cause of this?
Inferiority complex?


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