Julia Roberts’ Holes Getting Better With Age, Headline Alleges

Julia Roberts' Holes Getting Better With Age, Headline Alleges

When Julia Roberts was chosen as People‘s Most Beautiful Woman, she made historical past due to her age.

Now, individuals are speaking about her age — she is 51 years outdated — for a really totally different purpose.

See, the Post-Journal of Jamestown, New York ran a characteristic on Roberts and her current “career renaissance.”

Unfortunately, the headline made a little bit of a typo.

“Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age,” the paper reads.

Typos can occur to anybody, and the paper issued a retraction … however not earlier than the eye-popping headline went viral.

Take a glance:



Now, typos can occur to utterly anybody. They occur in textual content messages, in essays, in articles, and sure, in headlines. This one is simply … particularly unlucky. Also, it is hilarious.

They did run a correction

They did run a correction

That is all types of awkward however, in print media, you possibly can’t simply edit one thing and pray that no person screenshotted it.

Take a more in-depth look

Take a closer look

Julia Roberts’ ROLES are getting higher with age. Her orifices are her enterprise.

But the correction got here too late

But the correction came too late

The picture had already gone viral and continues to be a subject of debate

Sometimes, common tales collide

Sometimes, popular stories collide

The selection for Oscars host is at all times troublesome and infrequently passable. Unless Julia Roberts’ holes are homophobic, which we’ve to imagine that they aren’t, this suggestion sounds advantageous.

Some discovered the headline inspirational

Some found the headline inspirational

Are we detecting an “Eat, Pray, Love” sequel?

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