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Invigilator Humiliates SUG President of Federal Poly Oko in an Examination Hall

Invigilator Humiliates SUG President of Federal Poly Oko Staff in an Examination Hall

As gathered by enzyhub.com it was yesterday that the incumbent SUG president of Federal polytechnic Oko fondly called Comrade Evangelist was humiliated in the presence of all the students who were writing their exams at the scenario of the incident. Everyone thought that it was the fault of the president that he got slapped but we are here to bring you the real incident that occurred.

Giant comrade Evangelist as the incumbent SUG is fondly called explained his ordeal yesterday to several listeners as he went to his favourite place to eat “madam P’s joint behind school”. As he sat down to eat many people started requesting to know what exactly happened of which the admin @ kabsedo.com was amongst the inquiring party. The incumbent SUG president laid down the whole story bit by bit and never missed any part.

He discussed thus:

“My department have their exam that very afternoon as we moved into the exam hall, I noticed some of my mates still outside the exam hall making noise to be allowed to write their exams, at first I couldn’t ascertain the reason for the commotion outside so I wanted to go back and inquire from them the issue and calm them down at the same time, consequently I was intercepted by an invigilator whose identity I wouldn’t disclose. He couldn’t wait till I told him why I was heading out but he suddenly raised his hands to my cheek and slapped me, involuntarily, I retorted the slap before the invigilator could hold his balance and all students who were present turned to my support”

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This also gave the SUG president the chance to credit the invigilator who slapped him for his defense after the incident.

The invigilator said

” I never knew what was his intention for turning back from the hall..



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