How to Save For Your Next Vacation & Stay Healthy!

Are you looking forward to saving money for your next vacation, but just not sure on how to begin?

Do you need to stay healthy and go frugal in your next trip? Check out these juice recipes.

It seems like there are not enough cheap flights available from where you reside to your target country, giving you little to no options to save.

However, if you are looking to go on a trip through flight routes, you’ll need to find a way to make that happen by creating a budget or scale of preference list for your spending.

The more time you have before your departure date, the more cash you’ll be able to stash. Don’t worry if your trip is less than a few days away as there are still multiple ways to accumulate some extra cash.

Here are eight simple ways to save money for your next vacation.

  1. Automate

You need to automate your bank account so part of your salary or income goes straight into your savings account.

This method is a simple method of saving money without even trying and helps you live within your means.

  1. Eat out less

Eating out can quickly become expensive if it becomes an habit. If you plan to spend several weeks or months, quit eating out all the same.

So, make healthy meals at home that will benefit your body, spirit, soul and mind.

You’ll notice a huge difference in your health and be amazed how simple it is to cook your own food.

Alternatively, you can use coupons.

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  1. Ditch your morning Starbucks drink

The cost of your morning coffee can quickly add up and take its toll on you. Doesn’t matter if you love starbucks or another coffee, if not cultured, you might be spending close to $80 per month.

For example, $2 per day becomes $10 per week and $40 per month.

You should bring your own coffee from home to work; all that money could go towards a nice vacation.

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  1. Socialize at home

Many people tend to think having a nice lunch or doing drinks with friends is socializing. While this is a great way to catch up and relax with friends, it costs money.

A cheaper idea that won’t rip your wallets in half is to invite friends over for picnic or a pot of luck in the park. If you must eat out, ensure to choose affordable places and drink at specific hours.

  1. Avoid buying new clothing, shoes and accessories specifically for your trip

simple ways to save money for your next vacation

I know it’s tempting to buy new clothing, accessories and shoes for an upcoming trip, but take a look through your closet and access what you already own.

  1. Get to know your local library

Libraries are awesome, but the public library is even better! Not only can you borrow movies, music, books but you can also pick up travel guides for your chosen destination.

Most libraries in cities offer free passes to local city attractions. This is a great idea if you’re looking for an economic way to socialize with friends or family.

  1. Consider using a travel reward or cash-back credit card

I recommend this method if you are good at paying off your credit card bill on time. If not, totally skip this step!

Paying things with cards is one of the best ways to collect points that can be redeemed towards the cost of your hotel or airfare.

Alternatively, you can opt for a cash-back credit card that will allow you to earn money each time you use it on groceries, gas, etc.

  1. Trim your non-essential bills and work out at home

travel posts in nigeria

You can do simple exercises at home and download a good workout app. plus, cancel subscriptions that you really don’t need or choose a mobile plan you can afford.

A brilliant idea would be to use free apps like Whatsapp to make calls and texts for free. This is near perfect if you’re travelling abroad, as long as there are WiFi enabled.

I rarely watch cable anymore and can view my favorite shows online or via Netflix.

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