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How To Know Your Genotype Without Blood Test

Looking for simple ways on how to know your genotype without blood test? Our article today provides valuable information on just that.

How to know ur genotype without test is important and can be done without a blood test. In fact all it takes is your saliva!

How To Know Your Genotype Without Blood Test

For a very long time, the only option for how to carry out genotype test was a blood test. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many genetics specialists in Nigeria, and going out of Nigeria to have your blood sampled can be rather expensive.

I’ve got good news for you! There is now a painless way of getting to know your genotype without going to hospital to have your blood taken at all. The company behind this revolutionized test method are known as 23andMe and are located in California, US. 23andMe has been in existence since 2008, but only came to spot light in recent years-How to know your genotype without blood test!

23andMe genotype test

You can begin your genotype test online on the company’s website. A genotype test tube filled with saliva and $99 ($199 for a premium test).

how to know your genotype without blood test

To get started, head over to 23andMe website, fill in the form made available, make a payment, and the company will send you a tube with instructions.

Follow the instructions carefully and send a saliva-filled tube back and you will receive your full genotype profile after a few weeks. Included will also be information about potential genetic illnesses, reaction to different drugs, and best medical advice on what to do about the diseases you’re genetically predisposed to.

Procedure: to spit in a test tube

How to know your genotype without blood test?

23andMe Company promises an exciting journey into the world of your genes. This is perhaps one of the most popular projects, created with the cash of famous head of Google Sergey Brin and his lovely wife known as Anna Vojitski.

The project received recognition from Time Magazine and was labeled the best invention of 2008 with the Large Hadron Collider placed in the 2nd position. The name was inspired from the general 23 chromosomes which contain genetic information.

For a little fee of $99 and a test tube with saliva, the client is provided with data containing 200 snippets- 200 letters of 60 billion, which make up the personal genetic book that are 23 in number. As far back as 2008, genetic testing was not possible online and would cost you $999 to complete. It became less in 2012, costing only $249. But thanks to 23andMe, it costs just $99 and for the premium test $199.

How to know your genotype without blood test?

Although it costs less now, it’s still not that simple because international countries have laws in place that forbids sending saliva of citizens across the border, as well as their blood, urine, feces, and other biomaterials of great importance to the human body.

In Nigeria, there are plenty of laboratories and hospitals offering genetic testing, but for a jaw breaking price; very expensive but your result is often immediate. However, if you can wait, you can use the American company to discover your genotype, you will be sent a set through the mail, rub your cheek, then you have to spit in a test tube (a lot of effort is required to fill the tube). After this, send your saliva and your result will be sent to you by 23andMe after a month.

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Genotype test online results

How to know your genotype without blood test?

how to know your genotype without blood test

Humanly speaking, I have noticed clients who undergo this type of test, rush off to the section on diseases upon receiving their tests. Not everyone, of course, will do this but it is important one knows a potential disease one is most likely to suffer from.

Now, reading up this section might leave you with feelings of disappointment. In fact, you may not see anything new or special.

For example, you might only discover that your only risk is venous thromboembolism. If you can’t stand it, it’s better not to know at all.

How to know your genotype without blood test?

Also, you can learn more about your heightened sensitivity to a couple of pills, and also that your body is a little carrier of different bad genes of several little-known diseases like the Mediterranean fever.

The good news may be that your gene history and stuff has been uncovered and the bad news might be that you do not find any essential information that might benefit you or your health. It’s no surprise that hundreds of thousand s of genes affect the chances of diseases showing up during your life time.

Dig deeper into the genetically inherited traits section and you will discover some pretty crazy yet fun things like you do not work well with alcohol, most likely will never have a bald had and you have the muscles of a marathon, not a sprinter.

Nationality and ancestors- How to know your genotype without blood test

How to know your genotype without blood test?

You may also discover more information on your ancestors. You get to learn more amazing things about them, even your share of the historical Neanderthal genes. Gene measurements is one of the main attractions of the service visitors, to them, a whole social network has been dedicated to them and allows comparing of snapshots and looking for relatives.

Genotype social network

How to know your genotype without blood test?

The world first-ever genetic social network was created by 23andMe. Each year, it keeps growing as about 200 thousand people have already passed the test.

Now, imagine a future where millions of people come together to look for close relatives, take DNA data into account when choosing a spouse. It is unclear if the site will operate in the future, but so far I believe it will as it has helped a lot of individuals decide if they want to go for a medical insurance or take him out.

Your interest is awakened when you perform genetic testing. The project site has a lot of interesting opportunities and information for scientific research. By the way, you study your snippets yourself.

For example, with SNPedia resource, you can study the snippets yourself. Think of it as a genetic Wikipedia, where information about your snippets are collected and recorded.

How to know your genotype without blood test?

Want other alternative ways on how to carry out genotype test? Kindly also visit a specific medical center in your city.

What is a genotype test?

how to know your genotype without blood test

A genotype test online or offline reveals your genetic information, or genotype encoded in your DNA. To learn about your heritage, there is great need to analyze your whole DNA, since there are over 10 million pieces of data that you can discover with this single test.

Through these test, scientists can learn more about potential diseases you are most likely to encounter from your DNA snippets. The most common way to get the needed snippets is a blood group test.

Types and Features of A genotype

Want to know the symptoms of AS Genotype and more? Read on…

There exist varieties of ways by which you can group genotypes. One of the many ways include a common approach through the use of interaction- in this case the list of blood group and genotype include:

  • Pleiotropic – a genotype responsible for the manifestation of different symptoms at the same time.
  • Mutator – a genotype that changes completely the preferences and traits of an individual.
  • Epistatic – a genotype that neutralizes the power of various non-allelic genes.
  • Hypostatic – a genotype that is held back by different allelic genes.
  • Modifier – a genotype that can influence the manifestation of other genes.
  • Fatal – a genotype that affects negatively the embryo’s vitality.
  • Sublethal – a genotype with the same power as the fatal genotype, but the embryo dies before the start of the reproductive period.

Blood group and genotype

How to know your genotype without blood test?

how to know your genotype without blood test

There is another approach to genotype that states that there are four genotypes that determine a person’s traits- AA, AS, AC, and SS. SS genotype is linked with sickle cell anemia which children can inherit from parents, which is why it’s important to undergo genetic testing before deciding to have kids with somebody!

On the other hand, Hemoglobinopathy is a genetic disorder which is critical and, is caused by abnormal polypeptide chains of hemoglobin. Scientifically, there are a few types of the hemoglobinopathies- How to know your genotype without blood test!

Symptoms of AS genotype

How to know your genotype without blood test?

Generally, it is discovered that sickle cell anemia patient’s alpha chains are considered normal and their beta chains are abnormal. This deadly disease occurs when the sixth amino acid, glutamate, gets swapped with valine to change its functioning and structure. Valine is hydrophobic; this causes the hemoglobin to collapse on it occasionally.

Once enough hemoglobin collapses on itself, the red blood cells quickly become sickle-shaped-How to know your genotype without blood test!

AC genotype symptoms

How to know your genotype without blood test?

Hemoglobin C trait come into existence when the hemoglobin C is inherited from one parent (father or mother) and the gene for hemoglobin A from the other.

So the child with such state does not often have to face health problems, however, there may be a slightly low target cells and Mean Corpuscular Volume.

SC genotype crisis

How to know your genotype without blood test?

how to know your genotype without blood test

Hemoglobin SC disease is a serious form of hemoglobinopathy, which makes the carrier show various symptoms that are quite similar to those of sickle cell disease, but a bit milder kind of way. Because 10% of black people(Nigerians included) carry the Hb S trait, the heterozygous SC combination is more common than homozygous Hb C disease.

The anemia in Hb SC disease is lower than the anemia in sickle cell disease; a couple of patients suffering from this even can have normal Hb levels.

As earlier stated, most symptoms are those of sickle cell disease, but symptoms are usually less severe and frequent. However, aseptic necrosis of the femoral head, retinal hemorrhages and gross hematuria are common.

Now that you know How to know your genotype without blood test, kindly spread the news


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