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How To Improve Your Reading

Reading and comprehension can be easy with several recommendations

How To Improve Your Reading

Reading is not only the words you read

The ability to read is one of the basic skills that people obtain in the early childhood. It helps us to understand our surroundings, to study, to develop. Almost every activity includes words that people are supposed to read. Without reading, the whole concept of studying would not exist. Even such activities like swimming or running include reading different informative and warning signboards. However, the main purpose of reading is not only to read the words but also to understand what you read. If you are able to read fast and comprehensively, you have many advantages. You can study, get the job, make money without physical work, and arrange your life, as you want.

The reading section is very important when you study foreign languages. The first reason is that you will not be able to build your vocabulary, to learn grammar rules and so on without reading. Secondly, you will not pass any language exam unless you have the ability to read. The third point is that it is interesting to read books, writing papers like at custom paper writing, magazines, and newspapers not only in mother language.

How to improve your English reading

Many people aspire to make their reading better. They have different reasons for wanting that. Some of them are going to have an English exam; others love to read books in English or have to do the research for their thesis writing; the others need this skill for their job. No matter what the reason is, it is possible to achieve the goal using the recommendations that have a firm base from the experience, attempts, and mistakes.

The most common mistake is to read the question or task without proper attention. If you do so, most likely you will miss a bunch of the hints and not understand the task or question completely. As a rule, any question or task contains at least a half of an answer. For example, the task was to choose two correct answers but you skipped reading the task and chose only one. Thus, you lost the marks. Imagine that your boss asked you to prepare the report for two months but you did it only for the last one. Your boss may be unhappy with that. To avoid such unpleasant situations, read the task carefully.

The other recommendation is to practice a lot by reading the news on a daily basis. It is the best way to build a commonly used vocabulary, improve your reading skills, and be aware of the current situation in the world. To make the process even more effective, schedule your time for reading. Choose the time that fits you better to avoid missing out the practice. Always stay focused when you read to make sure that you memorize the vocabulary, understand the meaning, and the sentences’ structure. Moreover, read at least five articles or writing essays every day to get better results.


If you realize that you have serious problems with your reading, do not force yourself. Take a step back and analyze the problem. You have to find the root cause and work on to eliminate it. Once you do it, it will be easier to continue your practice with new inspirations and power. Maybe you have a poor vocabulary in some topics or you are scared with tenses. Determine the problem, resolve it, and you will be surprised how comprehensive the reading process can be.

Finally, yet importantly, you should use the pen or any other highlighter to underline the keywords or the words you are not familiar with. Furthermore, you can use it as a pointer to increase the reading speed.

Remember, an excellent reading is as important as essay writing, speaking, and listening.



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