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How to Boost Low Network Signal on your Smartphone

How to Low on your . We all in one way or the other experience what we call bad or low signals around the country. This is due to the failure of  providers to provide us with a stable supply. Do not be sad when you encounter low signal, because now you’ll be learning how to overcome low signal with a signal booster.

How to Boost Low Network Signal on your Smartphone

Low network signal can be making a mobile phone to be getting signal strength below 100 dBm may cause voice break. In essence, to have a smooth telephonic conversation, your phone should get a minimum signal strength of 100 dBm.

How to Boost Low Network Signal on your Smartphone

  • Open the windows of the room you are in.
  • Raise your phone towards the roof so that it could get good signals.
  • Move to a higher place like a rooftop.
  • If the direction of any mobile tower nearer to your house is known to you, try to get nearer to it.
  • Keep your phone in airplane mode for a while and then turn it off. After turning off the airplane mode your phone will start getting fresh signals and it will help you out in making a smooth call.
  • Try to check if your phone’s antenna is not covered.
  • You can use also a jack external antenna.
  • Cell signal booster device might also be helpful, find one to install.



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