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Girl 8, arrest father for beating her becuase she didn’t greet him

A Nigerian man living in Dundee, Scotland is in court with his 8 year-old daught for repeatedly beating her becuase she didn’t greet him when he came back home.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, carried out the attack at an address in Dundee on June 14 then insisted the punishment was “accepted” in Nigeria.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that the assault took place after he was angered that his daughter had not greeted him properly.

He told police that it was “accepted” in his home country that children are beaten as a punishment.

The court heard how the man had entered his home at about 8pm on the day in question.

The man was a practising Muslim and had expectations that children should greet any adults that enter the home, as a sign of respect towards them.

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However, the court heard that the girl didn’t recognise the man’s presence and remained in her bedroom when he arrived.

Fiscal depute Trina Sinclair told the court: “This angered the accused and he asked her to go to the living room.
“She complied and stood in front of the accused who was seated.

“He took her by both wrists, prevented her from moving and struck her on the back a number of times.
“The complainer began to cry and went to her bedroom.”

The following morning, the child told staff at a school about the incident and the alarm was raised.
The man was traced by police and social workers.

He was then interviewed by officers.
The court heard that during the interview, the man accepted that he had hit the child.

He told officers: “I do not have to say anything. It happened, no dispute.”

In court, the man admitted a charge of assaulting the child by seizing her body before striking her on the body.

A lawyer acting on behalf of the man said: “It was a bit of over-chastisement.

“The accused is a very educated man.
“His wife is simply not coping and there is no antipathy there.”

Sheriff Lorna Drummond deferred sentence on the man until August 16 for the production of a social work report.

He was released on bail in the interim.



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