Five Weird Jobs Related To Food That Will Shock You

You don’t have to be a chef to work with food. We guarantee that you will be shocked at the end of this article at the weird food jobs that people get paid to do.

Food artist
All you need to do is to step into the nearest gallery, craft shop, or museum, and you will discover that artists have been working for centuries to turn food into art in the form of still-life paintings, jewelry, china, decorative eggs, and serving dishes.

Jewellers, potters, glassblowers, and craftspeople use every medium from clay to precious metals and gemstones to render food into images for admiration and use.

In the hands of artists, food is a subject for everything from greeting cards to shopping bags, handbags to Christmas tree ornaments. Food professionals may use their knowledge to design and manufacture kitchen equipment, teapots, and elegant, useful tools for cooks.

Dog Food Tester
Since dogs will basically eat whatever food is put in front of them, producers of dog foods have to rely on humans to make sure their food tastes good.

Dog food testers report on the food’s texture and consistency. Most dog food is made with vegetables, fish, and high-quality meat, so it’s not as bad as it seems.

Chewing gum Chewer
If you are the type of person that constantly has a stick of chewing gum in your mouth, then this job could be perfect for you. Gum manufacturers hire people to chew their gum before they put it on the shelves to make sure it will sell well.

Gum chewers help the marketing team come up with new ideas and help the scientists get the perfect and most suitable flavour.

Egg peeler
Someone has to peel hard-boiled eggs. Some restaurants and companies that package hard-boiled eggs sometimes hire people to do the job.

These days however, there are machines that can help with this tedious task, but some egg peelers still like to do it the old-fashioned way.

Cupcake creator
New cupcake flavours and new ways to eat cupcakes are always being discovered. Cupcake creators come up with those ideas. They not only develop recipes but also try out new flavours. They also ensure that people that eat them, like them.


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