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Federal Poly Oko, Atani Campus Students on the Run As Youths Terrorize Them


Host communities attack, harras, molest and terrorize versity students in Anambra state.

Many Persons may not be aware that Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State have a campus extension at Ogbaru LGA. According to the Students, the setup where we study is called a glorified secondary school.

While we lament about flood, the treatment and marginalization of the Management, we are yet not save in the community where we have been kept.
We have passed the era when we lose 1 or 2 students every year, now some teaming and heartless individuals have put it upon themselves that they will not allow students to sleep in peace.

Due to the internal crises witnessed in Oko polytechnic that made them to go on strike almost 4 times in this session, sad incidents have been witnessed in various lodges where students lives.

At first it was raping of a student which was swept under the carpet in order not to tarnish the image of the girl affected, but the perpetrators of this ungodly act was not caught.

Sometimes in January 2018, before we returned from the New Year break, some persons supposed to be indigenes (Though no evidence) burgled about 4 lodges which the leading lodge is Corpus Christi located at Senator Stella Oduah way, Akili Ozizor, they took televisions, beds, curtains, foodstuffs and the likes etc

Am sure there is no one that this will not cause heart attack to, the SUG body tried all they could, but nothing came out of it.

Another one happened after about 1 month when they burgled virgins lodge, robbed and made away with student property especially computers because that’s the course we study here; Computer Science and Maths/Statistics.

Other minor robbery incidents silently took place where 1 laptop or android smart phone was stolen…

The boom of them all happened in June/July when another lodge called Sea Side or Block Industry lodge was robbed. Here, they made away with 13 smart phones and 9 laptops . . . oh My God.

Every investigative attempt carried out by those affected proved abortive. Please what is supposed to be the duty of the Police?

We were thinking these were mere robbers we didn’t know they were also demonic, occultic and devilish. On Thursday 27th September, they went to Atani Campus, used saw to cut the padlock where Student Fellowships kept their instruments, made away with 4 big generators of different fellowships and other minor things. God who showed mercy and 1 of them was caught, other two who are indigenes according to the confession of the one caught ran away, the items was recovered which the police have refused to release saying the Student Fellowships should Settle them.. Is Police our Friend? We are not sure.

We think we have seen it all until on Sunday 8th October at about 11pm, they entered into 2 different lodges 1. THE Popular Grace and Mercy 2. Presidential Lodge (New lodge) behind Grace and Mercy.

To show that this is a calculated attack, they came with engine boat according to sources, entered Presidential lodge, stabbed A student thank God he didn’t die, made away with about 5laptops and student handset, television, beat up those they could and went free.

From one of the thr students




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