Did Grover Drop an F Bomb on Sesame Street? A Nation Debates

Did Grover Drop an F Bomb on Sesame Street? A Nation Debates

We hope you are prepared to do that once more, America.

We hope you are able to cease screaming at your family members over Yanni versus Laurel and/or the colour of that costume.

Because Sesame Street simply gave people one other subject to debate.

And it is all due to Grover, who could or could not have a critical potty mouth.


In the footage depicted right here, everybody’s favourite furry previous monster (sorry, Elmo) ua speaking to fellow Muppet Rosita on an episode of the hit kids’s present.

At first, the clip does not look like something particular or distinct.

But then Rosita says one thing and Grover says one thing in response.

And that is the query right here: What, precisely, does Grover say in response?

Grover pic

You could hear Grover say, “That’s a f-ckin’ excellent idea.”

And chances are you’ll do a double take when you do. 

Or… you could hear Grover say, “That sounds like an excellent idea,” which might be what he really mentioned and what was printed within the script.

But it is a official topic up for argument now on the Internet, which is each hilarious and form of upsetting.

the grove

Ready to affix within the enjoyable?

Sesame Street is but to remark on this controversy.

But have a look and a hear and achieve this your self now!

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