Bird Box Challenge: Netflix Begs Fans to STOP Dangerous Meme

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Netflix’s hit movie Bird Box took viewers and Twitter by storm and spawned hilarious memes.

Unfortunately, it additionally impressed the Bird Box Challenge, by which individuals movie themselves blindfolded.

This is so harmful that Netflix has put out a PSA begging individuals to not intentionally blind themselves.

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Bird Box was a success on Netflix throughout this vacation season.

It was thrilling and compelling and Sandra Bullock is, as at all times, an impressed casting selection.

Unfortunately, there may be such a factor as an excessive amount of of a great factor, as evidenced by individuals taking part within the “Bird Box Challenge.”

In the movie, the characters should put on blindfolds more often than not so as to keep away from being pushed to kill themselves by violent apparitions.

Some Netflix viewers with an excessive amount of time on their palms determined to “challenge” themselves to navigate whereas  blindfolded.

Whether it is of their properties or outdoor, the outcomes have a tendency to be both boring, messy, or harmful.

Putting on a blindfold doesn’t magically rework you into the titular character of Daredevil.

In truth, outdoors of the bed room, it often simply leads to accidents.

Bird Box "birdboxing" challenge goes wrong

This is so unhealthy that Netflix themselves have stepped in on social media.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Netflix implored their followers to let this development die as shortly because it sprang into being.

“Can’t believe I have to say this,” the tweet begins. “But: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE.”

“We don’t know how this started,” Netflix says. “And we appreciate the love,”

“But Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019,” the tweet reads.

Netflix concludes: “and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes.”

That’s a reasonably good want.

Netflix Tweets about Bird Box Challenge

Unlike precise memes, which contain images and movies and are often innocent, problem tradition might be harmful.

Popular on video-sharing websites and particularly on YouTube, individuals vie for social media clout by emulating others.

The strain to make your video not solely watchable however sensational — within the hopes of going viral — might be harmful.

Participants — particularly teenagers, but additionally grown-ass adults — can and do endanger themselves of their determined effort for clicks.

Viral fame can rework somebody’s life, in order that they’re keen to threat all of it.

But you understand what else can change your life?

A life-altering damage. It’s proper there within the title.

Tide Pod 1

This in fact brings to thoughts a problem that was handed round in January of 2018.

Harmless memes shared on social media about forbidden snacks — home goods that individuals had resisted consuming as kids — spawned a problem.

The Tide Pod Challenge was largely an inflated joke, as individuals would edit movies to make it seem that they ate laundry detergent.

There had been individuals who, maybe not realizing that the movies had been edited, weren’t in on the joke.

A number of individuals tried to earn social media clout by really placing tide pods into their mouths.

Though solely a handful of individuals genuinely participated, we’d remind members of the TGH Nation: please don’t ingest bleach.

Bird Box Netflix pic

Just as you wouldn’t ingest dish cleaning soap within the hopes of racking up YouTube views, please don’t take part within the Bird Box problem.

We do not know the way many individuals are literally doing it and what number of are filming themselves performing out rehearsed blunders.

Regardless, really depriving your self of eyesight for enjoyable is only a recipe for catastrophe.

Head accidents are not any joke. And fairly frankly, neither is a stubbed toe.

If you’re fortunate sufficient to have eyesight, use it to navigate your world safely.

Not everyone seems to be so fortunate.

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