90 Day Fiance Tell All: Jay Claims He Cheated on Ashley by Accident … Whatever TF That Means

90 Day Fiance Tell All: Jay Claims He Cheated on Ashley by Accident ... Whatever TF That Means

90 Day Fiance followers can count on to see plenty of drama on the present’s Tell All particular, starting this Sunday.

As you may see within the video that we’ve included, Jay Smith’s dishonest scandal is a subject of curiosity.

While making an attempt to clarify it away, Jay utters what could be the funniest line to ever air on this franchise. Watch it for your self:

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith uses Tinder excuse for cheating on Ashley Martson

Ashley caught Jay FaceTiming one other lady simply days after their wedding ceremony, and realized that he had downloaded Tinder proper after the nuptials.

At the start of this sneak peek clip, Fernanda Flores asks her castmate Jay what the precise hell he was considering.

“It was just a mistake,” Jay protests.

It must be a sequence of coincidences worthy of Final Destination for Jay to by chance cheat on Ashley.

Still, Jay insists: “I wasn’t going to have no one come over to the house.”

Ashley Martson is Done With Jay Smith

Fernanda factors out: “You’d just married the person whom you’re supposed to love.”

“Right,” Ashley chimes in. “So what happens when you’re at your ‘seven-year itch,’ when you’re having trouble. Then what do you do?”

Cheat, most probably. Most do not cheat in the course of the honeymoon section, nonetheless.

Jay is uncommon in that regard.

“If this is what you do three days after you got married, what do you do when you actually are having troubles in your marriage?” Ashley asks.

“Because as far as I was concerned,” Ashley states. “We weren’t having any issues.”

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, Wedding Day Photo

If Jay had been to say that he was making an attempt to sabotage his relationship as a result of he’d gotten chilly ft … it could be one thing.

It souldn’t be an excuse, however it could a minimum of have been an evidence.

Jay as an alternative continues to behave as if he made a easy mistake, like forgetting a birthday.

“It was just a misunderstanding,” Jay insists.


Ashley Martson and Jay Smith "Wedding" Photo

From what Jay says right here, it feels like he was completely proud of Ashley.

“And I wish I could go back and fix it,” he expresses.

“I would do any f–king thing just to fix it,” Jay claims.

Ashley is, understandably, not feeling sympathetic.

“You f—ked up. Take it on the chin. Simple,” Ashley says.

She concludes: “Just don’t even try to defend yourself because you sound like an idiot.”

Ashley and Jay in Black and White

Jay then tries accountable Ashley spending time on her cellphone, and laments that he hadn’t realized that girls can be sending him irresistible messages.

Unbelievably, Jay nonetheless is not finished making an attempt to defend himself.

In the method, he utters one among 90 Day Fiance‘s funniest traces, ever.

“Listen,” Jay insists. “It said, ‘Tinder, meet friends.'”

That is . . . objectively humorous, although we completely perceive why Ashley was much less entertained.

Jay continues: “I never knew that people were going to message me.”

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith uses Tinder excuse for cheating on Ashley Martson

Ashley does not have time for that.

“You’re full of s–t,” Ashley tells him. “You knew exactly what Tinder was.”

We are very a lot inclined to agree.

Not solely is Tinder not unique to the United States, however Jay had been in America for months at this level.

He knew what he was doing.

He’s simply sorry that he acquired caught.

But hey, that is greater than we are able to say for Colt Johnson.

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