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7 Steps to Getting Pregnant with Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Do you know, 7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes are actually real and really do work.

Every female has fallopian tubes and the role of the tubes is to transport mature eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. One of the tubes must be open for a woman to get pregnant.

That means that if you want to have a child, you must learn how to unblock fallopian tubes fast.

Blocked fallopian tubes occur when the male sperm and the female egg cannot get into the fallopian tubes during ovulation for fertilization to take place.

The diet to unblock fallopian tubes naturally will be shared later in this article.

Can you get pregnant naturally with blocked fallopian tubes, a reader asked.

The truth is simply NO, You can’t unless you open it, and you cannot bore a child.

Statistics have shown that about 40% of infertile ladies face this challenge. So it is crucial that you identify the problem and begin the most effective fallopian tube blockage treatment.

Are your fallopian tubes still blocked?

No need to worry as there are natural ways to get pregnant women with blocked tubes. Contrary to popular belief, natural herbal remedies can make you pregnant and clear away your fallopian tube blockage.

But how? The secret is shared by Chinese doctors

Here is a proven 7-step process based on traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

7 Steps to Getting Pregnant with Blocked Fallopian Tubes

  1. Herbal Tampons and Douches

This is one of the key ingredients used in this process is herbal tampons; Herbal tampons possess an active plant chemical that will aid in softening scar tissue and adhesions in the fallopian tubes. The douches and herbal tampons are used after and before ovulation.

  1. Chinese Fertility Massage Techniques

There are various DVDs for patients, each DVD shows the practical demonstration of the exact movements needed to massage the reproductive organs, loosen up the fallopian tube adhesions and aid in the free flow of your blood, whilst still stimulating the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

These massage to unblock fallopian tubes are more than awesome and they really work!

  1. Herbal Supplements

You will be place on herbal supplements and diet to unblock fallopian tubes. These supplements come in form of capsules and the affected woman will be required to take them as prescribed by the doctor.

Each capsule contains an organic mixture of various herbs that work hand-in-hand to reduce inflammation in the pelvic organs, provide the human body with nutrients that heal the fallopian tubes and fight off infections that result in inflammation.

  1. Fertility Yoga Excercise

If you are searching for how to open blocked fallopian tubes by yoga, this step is for you.

The patient performs [particular yoga asanas every morning while wearing herbal tampon. The aim of this exercise is to invigorate the reproductive organs, by increasing nutrients, flow of blood, and oxygen. Every woman gets her own DVD to keep practicing these exercises and getting better.

7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes

  1. Herbal Stress Relief Enhancers

Stress relief enhancers are another part of the 7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes.

When stressed, your body can begin to cause unexplained infertility, and can result in your fallopian funnels to spasm.

Listening to a CD which helps to relax your brain deeply can significantly reduce your stress level, and boost fertility.

  1. Detoxification/Body Cleansing

A toxic body is no place for conception to take place. This is why you must learn to detoxify your body naturally.

A 28-day detox challenge can help you get rid of bodily toxins that could dangerously affect your tunnels, speed up the process of the body healing itself, and increase your probability of becoming a mother.

  1. Nutritional Supplements

Minerals and vitamins in forms of supplements are faster and easier to absorb and digest and can provide your body with the needed nutrients to fix damaged tissues, such as the delicate mucus membranes of the fallopian tubes.

To maximize your chances of fertilization, you should consider the extra 7 steps on how to conceive if fallopian tubes are blocked below:

Extra Top 7 steps to help you get pregnant

  1. First, take the tests and understand the analysis

Although some women show symptoms of fallopian funnels blockage like increased vaginal discharge or abdominal pain, others may not show any sign of covered fallopian tube.

Research has also shown that a lot of women discover serious problem(s) only when trying to get pregnant.

So, call your doctor up and make an appointment with him if you have been trying to get pregnant for a year or more without success.

Medically, infertility is when you cannot get pregnant for at least a year of regular unprotected sex. If you are currently experiencing this, seek a gynaecologist or fix a meeting with your doctor.

Note: Do not wait a whole year if you are over age 35. It could be dangerous-7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes!

Fix an appointment six months into regular unprotected sex. Kindly note that the word “sterilization” and “infertility” are not the same thing. When you are infertile, you can still conceive child, with or without medical assistance.

Do not think you can never become pregnant again.

Performing assessments of the ability to fertilize, both you and your partner is one of the key in the 7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes. Your spouse should give a sperm sample so that a medical specialist can eliminate problems that affect sperms and their movements.

Also, you might need different tests to learn whether your hormonal levels are normal  and if ovulation is proceeding correctly. If your tests are normal, your doctor might then prescribe checking the condition of your fall….tubes.

  • Consider sonigysterography

Your doctor might advise you try a treatment procedure that requires the use of ultrasound in order to locate congestion in the uterus. This is usually called sonigysterography.

These waves detect any substance in the uterus that might be covering each tube.

Hysterosalpingogram (GHA) is a process in the medicine world that involves the injection of a special dye into your fallopian tube through the cervix. X-rays determine whether your pipes are closed or open.

What is the effect of this?

A hysterosalpingogram is majorly done without anesthesia. This means that you will be awake throughout the whole process and will experience only slight discomforts or cramps.

However, you can ingest some drugs that reduce the pain about an hour before the procedure.

  • Ask your doctor if it laparoscopy is advised

The results of your hysterosalpingogram and sonogystrophy plays a huge role in your doctor recommending laparoscopy; a special medical procedure in which a cut is made close to your navel to locate (and, in some cases, remove) any tissues that block the tubes.

In majority of cases, this is carried out only when all other infertility tests have been completed. This is partly because the procedure is considered risky; it is conducted under general anaesthesia, therefore it comes with all types of risks that a serious operations

7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes

  1. Find out your diagnosis

The results of test carried out may show that you may have none, one or two blocked fallopian tubes.

Once you know the results of the test, ask your doctor about the degree of obstruction. The doctor might use a specific diagnosis to create a treatment plan. There have been rare cases where the problem is solved on its woman resulting in the fertilization in the funnels.

Your doctor might prescribe special drugs to you if one of your tubes becomes impassable and you are healthy. These drugs will stimulate your pituitary gland to produce follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), so the likelihood of early ovulation and pregnancy (through the open fallopian tube).

The treatment administered will not do much if both your fallopian tubes are blocked. You will need to select a more intensive treatment option, if you want to be successful.

  1. Give selective uterine fertilization a shot

If you have an obstruction beside the uterus, your doctor can recommend selective uterine fertilization- a medical process that involves the insertion of a cannula through the uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes..

  1. Talk special laparoscopic surgery with Your Partner

Once your doctor is damn sure you are ready for surgery, he will recommend laparoscopy. It can help clear your locked tubes and eliminate scar tissue.

However, this might not always help, so you should make this decision with your doctor after considering all the causes and degree of obstruction.

  1. Chat about the possibility of salpingectomy with your Spouse and doctor

Salpingectomy is a medical term that means removing part of your fallopian tube.

It is often stated as the best method of purification than other laparoscopic operations for hydrosalpinx, and this is mostly carried out before IVF is attempted.

  1. Consider the possibility of IVF

If your doctor thinks you are not fit and ready for this kind of procedure, or any of the 7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes do not work for you, you still have an high chance of getting pregnant.

The next step might be to try in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF works in this manner; the doctors fertilize the egg with sperm outside of the woman’s body, then place the embryos or embryo in the uterus.

This method has always resulted in pregnancy because it bypasses the fallopian tubes so obstruction is not the problem.

Conclusion on 7 Steps to Getting Pregnant with Blocked Fallopian Tubes

You must understand that you still have other options left if nothing helps to clear the blocked fallopian tubes.

Consider surrogate motherhood or adoption, if you treasure the joys of motherhood so much. Keep in mind that you can still become a mother with one clocked fallopian portal.

7 steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes

Know that even if nothing helps to eliminate the blocked fallopian tubes or contribute to pregnancy, you still have other options.

When depressed, make an appointment with a therapist or join a support group. Remember to maintain a healthy diet to unblock fallopian tubes naturally, perform regular exercise and sleep better.

There you have our 7 Steps to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes, we hope you found it helpful.

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