6 Disadvantages of Zobo Drink- Should You Drink it or not?

While the drink is sweet and healthy, you might be wondering what the disadvantages of zobo drink are. Whether something is very good, it must still have a disadvantage. The disadvantage might be the length that one passes through to get that stuff.

You probably have heard about Zobo drink if you live in Nigeria, whether in the northern part of Nigeria.

Disadvantages of Zobo drink

This article would show you the disadvantages of taking the zobo drink.

Disadvantages of Zobo Drink

What Is Zobo Drink?

If you know what zobo drink is, you might feel this question is not necessary. Not at all. Because if you decide to check your dictionary now, you will find out that there is no word called “zobo”.

We would not go deep into “book” to tell you how the name zobo came about, that is not necessary. What is necessary is what zobo is.

Zobo is a flower of the hibiscus family. If you’re wondering where you saw the word “Hibiscus” before, you’ve read it in a popular Nigerian book somewhere. So, zobo flower is of the same family with the flower that makes the name of Chimamanda’s book.

Zobo is known as Roselle plant. The drink is called hibiscus tea. Thus, what you called drink is a tea.

Alternatively, you might  love  Tumeric tea (especially if you are going on a vegan-only diet) too.

Why Zobo?

Many people have various reason why they drink zobo.

Zobo drink is shown to be healthy but not everyone should take zobo.

Zobo drink can be good for some set of people and can be bad for other sets of people. You have to know where you belong and know if you can drink it or not.

What Are The Disadvantages of Zobo Drink?

This is actually the reasons why you came here, you want to know why you should not take it. The following reasons would show you zobo drink’s disadvantages. Not all of them are connected are about health but it would still have a long way to do with your psychology.

  • Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure Dramatically

Everyone is running away from high blood pressure. But do you know that low-blood pressure is equally as bad as high blood pressure?

Zobo drink can reduce your blood pressure faster than you can imagine. In a study that was conducted by Dr Diane McKay of Tufts University, it was discovered that just consuming the tea would reduce blood pressure by an average of 7 points. 7 points might look low if you look at the number like that, but in the medical sense, it’s not low.

  • It Can Make You Intoxicated

Taking zobo drink might make you feel an effect like that of someone who consumed alcohol.

When you take much of it, you will feel the effect. Taking it moderately on a non-regular basis might not mean much but when you take it in excess that’s where you will begin to feel the effect.

This is because zobo drink is a tea. No medical expert would advise you to take tea in excess because it can lead to disastrous effect.

  • It can lead to Stomach Upset

Many people have shown themselves to be allergic to zobo drink. It sometimes accumulate enough gas in that the person affected would be uncomfortable.

Not everyone would have this problem but if you drink it too much, be sure that stomach upset might knock on your door.

Instead of having that terrible stomach, you can save yourself the pain by dropping the hibiscus tea, or zobo tea for water instead.

  • It Can Reduce Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

If you’re a lady or you know a lady who wants to get pregnant and zobo is a best friend, then there is danger.

Zobo drink is not so great on oestrogen. Oestrogen is the major hormone of females, just like testosterone is the major hormone for men. When that hormone level is affected, the chances of a woman getting pregnant is as slim as any slim thing you can think of.

So, in order to be safe reduce your zobo drink consumption. You might say “But, I did get pregnant”. That’s stroke of luck, the child might not be lucky to escape the consequences. Instead of playing gamble with your life and that of your unborn child, just reduce your zobo intake.

  • It Might Not Be Healthy After All

Except you live in big city where they have these big companies that make zobo drink, you might not benefit from the health benefit of zobo drink.

This is not to say the big companies’ zobo drink is better, what it means is that you have seen the way most zobo drinks are made, you might not drink them again.

There is this story of one guy who went to a bukka to eat food. When the guy got there he was pressed. He went to the back to at least look for somewhere to ease himself when he saw the woman removing catarrh from her nose. She did this without removing what she had on her hand.

Now juxtapose that story with the small zobo drink makers, you will discover that most zobo drink makers make the drink in an unhygienic environment.

You should save yourself from catching disease. Only take zobo drink you are sure is made in a hygienic environment.

If you care about speed, you might not give thought to zobo drink because zobo drink would help in slowing your rate of activity.

Remember that zobo drink is a tea. Different teas have the way they react on someone’s system. Hibiscus tea have the way it works on your body, it would make you tired.

Thus, you should take it when you desire to rest not when you get to the office and need to be productive.

Conclusion on  disadvantages of zobo drink

Zobo drink is a great one, no one can deny that fact. It has health benefits, that’s also fine. However, there are some reasons that make it not so great. It’s those reasons that this article considered. But the truth is whether you choose to drink it or not depends on you.

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