YG Stay Dangerous
YG Stay Dangerous Album Cover Art

TOO BRAZY Ft mp3 download

YG Stay Dangerous Album Cover Art

YG drops TOO BRAZY Ft Mozzy off his new album Stay Dangerous. The song TOO BRAZY Ft Mozzy is one of the fifteen tracks from the project released by the talented rapper. Download TOO BRAZY Ft Mozzy YG mp3 below.

YG – TOO BRAZY Ft Mozzy Lyrics:
Two cups ’cause I’m gettin’ too fucked up
I’m strapped up, I’m too much for you poor butts
Do too much, then your ass gettin’ touched
Two babies with butt, tryna fuck on us
Two pistols everytime I slide
Too much red, I might start a fire
Two bankrolls and both of ’em mine
I love baby too much and she ain’t even mine
Two young niggas on the same mission
Tryna leave a fuckboy’s brains missing
Try to take my chain, then you gon’ get hit
Can’t hit you? I’ma hit your bitch
By myself, I be too focused
By myself, I get too loaded
Dick disappeared in that pussy, hocus pocus
Dick too bomb and your bitch know it

[Chorus: YG]
Two young niggas going too brazy
Two bad bitches, I be double takin’
Two mad niggas sayin’, fuck you, pay me
Two houses, I be going too brazy
Two young niggas in the coupe, racin’
Two young niggas on the block, pacin’
Two young niggas, po-po, chasin’
Two young niggas beefin’, Freddy vs Jason

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
Two bands for the drac’, give me two of those
Twenty for a peek, ‘less you buying two or more
Stomped down, ease ’em over twenty toes
Two M’s in the bank, fuck the twenty roll
Judge gave me two years for my nigga pole
Two outta town touched, never be at home
Two ‘grams in the wood, we be breathin’ dope
Two niggas bangin’ bloods and we keep the 4
Two tone, .40, pop it, gotta keep it on me
Facetime the jeweller twice, just to see the Rollie
Nigga, two bad thotties, give ’em [?]
Then it drowned in my lap, got ’em scuba divin’
Two hunnid somethin’ on the dashboard
Two forms of ID for the passport
Double homicide since they asked for it
And that two chains shit’ll get you taxed, boy

YG Set – Stay Dangerous (ALbum)

Download mp3 YG TOO BRAZY Ft Mozzy

Download YG TOO BRAZY Ft Mozzy mp3

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