Troye Sivan – Lucky Strike

Troye Sivan – Bloom album download
Troye Sivan – Bloom album cover
Troye Sivan - Lucky Strike
– Bloom album cover

Musically, Bloom plays it fairly safe, awash in the aforementioned gentle synths as well as ambient drum fills.

Troye Sivan Lucky Strike mp3 download

The golden ticket is in the details, piercing scenes of lips that taste like Lucky Strike cigarettes (“Lucky Strike”) or the metaphorical plums and tangerines of “Plum.” Well beyond the already stellar dismissal of heteronormative storylines in pop love stories, Sivan finds a wealth of ways to bring about fresh reflections on age-old themes with undeniable charisma.

Download Troye Sivan Lucky Strike mp3

Sivan’s appearance, however, stood out when he nearly outshone his host. Strutting down the lengthy runway of Pasadena’s Rose Bowl for around 90,000 fans (no biggy) without missing a beat of ‘My My My!’, he cut the picture of an artist well-versed in mega-proportioned stadiums.

Download mp3 Troye Sivan Lucky Strike


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