Sexual Assault!! Six boys violently raped an SS1 Student in Kaduna


This rape cases seems to have increased, no wonder our law makers are seriously talking about it in order to protect our women.
If you have raped or have plans to rape or gang rape a woman, put the victim in your shoes, if she were to be your sister, cousin, acquaintance, relative, how will you fell about it??


Linda, 17, an SSS 1 (Senior Secondary School class 1) student who is still struggling to walk, was with her cousin, Rahila when the boys appeared.

Her cousin escaped but Linda was unlucky as she was dragged by the six men to a river bank. The men raped her turn by turn before the cousin could raise the alarm.

Two boys were captured at the scene of the incident by the parents of the victim, when Rahila, the lady who escaped reported the matter to the community. Others were arrested by a vigilante group in the area and handed over to the police.

The boys who carried out the dastardly act are: Abubakar Abdul Danjuma, 18, Jamilu Moh’d ,14, Shamsideen Moh’d, 20, Garba Hamisu, 13, Isah Dauda, 17, and Abdul Rasheed Dahiru, 17.

Pulse gathered that the boys, who are still under police detention, were taken to the Mohammed Dabo Lere Memorial General Hospital in Saminaka for tests in other to ascertain their health status.

Meanwhile, the rape victim, Linda has called on human right groups to come to her aid following the incident she said has battered her image in the eyes of the community and school mates.

Linda said her parent’s condition is frustrating the case from getting public attention adding that even though the Police Division Officer in the area appeared to be objective in the pursuing the case, the boys were granted bail.

It was gathered that the Police Commissioner in Kaduna has asked the DPO in Saminaka to produce the boys and bring them to Kaduna.

Pulse gathered that the parents of the raped girl have been asked to bring N30,000 for the transportation of the boys from Saminaka to Kaduna Police command.
Narrating her ordeal to Pulse, Linda said: “On Tuesday April 5, 2016, iIwas with my cousin, Rahila James, aged 14, a JSS1 student. We were sent to go and buy vegetables for lunch at about 1pm. On our way, some boys from Unguwan Jumare appeared and started molesting us by touching our breasts forcefully.”

“Despite our resistance, my cousin escaped but I was dragged to the bank of a river. They pushed me inside and followed me; I wrestled as they struggled To Molest me.
They closed my mouth in order to prevent me from shouting so as not attract passers-by. Consequently, I was weak and they took turns To Molest me,” she said.

“Seeing what was happening to me from a distance, my cousin ran home to alert our people.

Some of the boys later left me and stood by the bank of the river.

As I managed to go out of the river, they pursued me again and tore my clothes and forcefully raped me again.”

“On sighting someone who was approaching the scene, they took to their heels. As I managed to walk back home, two of them followed me from behind, one of them raped me while his partner watched for passersby. As Rahila, my cousin got home, she narrated the story to one of our elders, Baba Isa.”

Baba Isa followed Rahila to the scene and when the boys saw him, they made attempts to flee but he stopped them. Upon interrogation, the boys told the elder that they were only begging me over what they did to me.

“I could not recognize any of them. It was Baba Isa that recognized them, thus, my dad and Baba Isa reported the case to the vigilante men but they advised that the matter should be discussed at their office. The boys were arrested and taken to the Divisional Police Headquarters in Saminaka,” Linda said.

It was gathered that the parents of the boys are requesting that the matter should be settled outside the police station, but the victim, who said she is traumatized because her friends and neighbours laugh at her, is asking the police to ensure that justice is done.

“I cannot walk freely,” Linda said adding, “I have no one to speak for me. They are putting pressure on my parents to forgive them. I am the victim and not my parents. They are using emotions to beg my parents because my parents are voiceless. I beg for a voice to speak for me. Please sir, I beg you to use your good office and prevail on the government to ensure t

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