3 things you should never do in bed

If you find yourself thinking about words like “frustration” or “concern” it is highly likely to have insomnia.
This means that when you lie down on the bed, you’re not doing what you should.


Now this situation may change. After knowing these activities that you should never do in bed.

1, lie flat
If you lie and you can not : Get up! Do not spend hours lying down, staring into the darkness. This alone will help you continue associating the bed with frustration and inability to . So get out of your bedroom, light a dim light well and dedicate yourself to do something relaxing; You can listen to classical music, concentrate on your breathing or read something nice. This strategy will help take your mind of insomnia and so find more easily.

2, Being in front of a screen
No matter what is in the screen of your tablet, your phone or televisor simply avoid them all!
Avoid committing to any activity involving the use of these devices before bedtime, when you’re in bed and talk not, if you want to rest.

3, Checking the Time
It is typical: you can not get to sleep and, in despair, do nothing but watch the clock. Well, as safe as you have seen, this practice is not beneficial for sleep-rather quite the contrary. In fact, it does nothing to enhance your frustration and sharpen your insomnia. Therefore, clear your bedroom clocks visible. You will definitely be of great help!

These three measures are rather simple, but, very effective! And they are supported by a large number of scientific studies.

So go try them! Life is much brighter when you rest well.

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