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10 TIMES mp3 download


YG Stay Dangerous Album Cover Art

YG drops 10 TIMES off his new album Stay Dangerous. The song 10 TIMES is one of the seventeen tracks from the project released by the talented rapper. Download 10 TIMES YG mp3 below.

YG – 10 TIMES Lyrics:

Fuck the DA, Fuck the P, Fuck the president, Fuck the Popo
They follow me wanna keep me close, try to hold me back, let me go
I sip the drank I sip the drank
Pick up the phone and call Michel’le
She hold me down I gotta make the plan
If the plan don’t get me then I don’t care
Look at my eyes and tell me what you see
A whole lot of lives depended on me
But I hold it down I hold it down
I check in when I’m not in town
Put on a smile girl put on a smile
Is a lot on my shoulder I gotta balance it out
Put on a smile girl put on a smile
I take care of you and that child

It’s harder for a real nigga
It’s ten times harder for a real nigga (x4)

(Verse 2)
Gotta go to the courthouse
Judge ain’t giving a fuck ?
My fingerprints is they evidence
What the fuck am I do now
So hold me tight hold me close
My lifestyle got me doing the most
Fuck ? keep us alive he never take our soul
I’m praying up I’m praying up
This a must that I can’t sleep I stay up
Pops told me to change up but if I change up they gonna say I changed up
When everybody depend on you, you got nobody to run to
You got nobody to come to, when they come through you feel like fuck you


Download mp3 YG 10 TIMES

Download YG 10 TIMES mp3



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