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Imagine Dragons – Bullet In A Gun

Imagine Dragons Bullet In A Gun

– Origins cover Artwork

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Normal service was resumed with 2017’s Evolve, enticingly described by the band’s lead singer Dan Reynolds, in true caution-to-the-wind, motormouthed style, as “a more palatable album for this generation and this time period”. It spawned the singles Believer and Thunder, collectively streamed 1.6bn times.

The band’s journey to becoming one of the biggest rock bands of the decade, though, seemed to happen all at once. One day, they were nobodies; the next, their 2013 breakthrough single “Radioactive” was everywhere, a process that repeated with “Believer,” their 2017 single that seemingly appeared in every other blockbuster movie trailer that year.

Their numerous Grammy nominations may fall in the rock category, but Imagine Dragons are even less a rock band than their Coldplay and Maroon 5 Top 40-radio brethren.

Imagine Dragons – Origins

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