Higher Brothers – 16 Hours

Higher Brothers
Higher Brothers - 16 Hours

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We’ve seen a recent surge in the popularity of Chinese rap in North America as K-Pop continues to dominate the airwaves across a younger audience. Artists like Kris Wu and the 88Rising collective have appropriately tapped into the market, becoming some of the only Asian representatives in the hip-hop world. Higher Brothers have become one of the most popular groups in China and as they prep their next album for a 2019 release, they’ve dropped their newest single “16 Hours.”

Alongside a brand new video, the group comes through with an energetic new effort. Their lyrical efforts are equal amounts hype and humorous as they rap “My purple hair like lean in the cup.” They mix Chinese with English at the snap of a finger, continuing to bring their culture to the American mainstream. What do you think of their latest track?

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