Alessia Cara – The Pains of Growing

Download Alessia Cara – The Pains of Growing album
Alessia Cara – The Pains of Growing Album Cover
Download Alessia Cara – The Pains of Growing album
– The Pains of Growing Album Cover

Download Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing album zip mp3

The Canadian singer and songwriter Alessia Cara shares her sophomore album titled “The Pains of Growing”

The Pains of Growing depicts a stark departure from the confidence that ran through most of Know-It-All. It’s a shift Cara herself addresses on powerful first track “Growing Pains”: “and I’ve always been a go-getter / there’s truth in every word I write / but still the growing pains, growing pains / they’re keeping me up at night”.

For the majority of the album, sadness is the central emotion – and it’s one that seeps through to nearly every song. Cuts like “Not Today” and “I Don’t Want To” even depict this distress as a sort of strange comfort, a constant in her life that Cara can’t quite picture being without. Her delivery doesn’t always match the thematic bleakness. Cara possesses a latent hope for a future where these times have passed, but it is often disregarded as too distant to inspire real change.

Through it all, however, Cara’s lyricism is sharp and self-aware enough to elevate The Pains of Growing above any strains of monotony.

The hits on Cara’s debut album were polished and pumped up for radio play, primarily by the production team Pop & Oak, who also collaborate with her for five tracks on “The Pains of Growing.” But on this album, Cara is determined to keep herself approachable — only life-size, not larger than life. She recorded, produced and engineered two modest songs, “I Don’t Want To” and “A Little More,” in her basement, with little more than her acoustic guitar and vocals, harking back to the home-recorded YouTube cover songs that first got her noticed as a teenager.

The Pains of Growing Track List:

Alessia Cara – Growing Pains
Alessia Cara – Not Today
Alessia Cara – I Don’t Want To
Alessia Cara – 7 Days
Alessia Cara – Trust My Lonely
Alessia Cara – Wherever I Live
Alessia Cara – All We Know
Alessia Cara – A Little More
Alessia Cara – Comfortable
Alessia Cara – Nintendo Game
Alessia Cara – Out of Love
Alessia Cara – Girl Next Door
Alessia Cara – My Kind
Alessia Cara – Easier Said
Alessia Cara – Growing Pains (Reprise)

Download album Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing zip mp3


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